1. Academic Forums

AHTSA acts as a forum that brings together professionals from the hospitality and tourism industry in an environment in which they can exchange their experiences and know-how in various areas of hotel and tourism training.

2. Exchange Programme

The Association endeavors to promote exchange of staff and students in the region and thus facilitate the establishment of close personal links amongst the professionals, of furthering their development, of widening their outlook beyond the borders of their respective countries.

3. Accreditation

The Association fosters international recognition of its members, of their staff and of the academic qualifications conferred to their students. The Association has therefore developed an accreditation criteria for member schools in order to facilitate of the schools to meet regional & international standards.

4. Advisory Roles

AHTSA acts as an advisory organ for the member schools, their staff and students on matters regarding further training development. This includes introduction of new methods of training, such as apprenticeship programs for students.

5. Research and Development

AHTSA helps academic staff and students in the member schools conduct research both individually and collectively and disseminate results of the same to the members, to industry and other interested bodies.

6. Tourism Competition

The Association encourages and assists the member schools in organizing national tourism competitions in order to enhance the image of the profession and to motivate staff to constantly improve their expertise.