Requirements for AHTSA Membership

Full Professional Member A Full Professional Member shall be any individual who is primarily employed by an institution of higher learning or whose primary focus of work in their professional capacity involves working to enhance higher education opportunities in a Hospitality, Travel and Tourism setting.
Institutional Member An institutional member shall be a fully accredited institution of post-secondary education that shall be represented by a head of institution that assumes automatic full Professional Membership 
Emeritus Member An Emeritus Member shall be any former Active Professional member, designated Institutional Professional AHTSA member who ceases to be head of an institution. 
Affiliate Member An Affiliate Member shall be any organization or individual who is not primarily employed by a hotel or tourism institution, or a post secondary education institution, but has interest in, or is professionally active in working to promote Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry.
International Member International membership is available to organizations or individuals in Tourism and Hospitality whose primary residence is not Africa but who desire links with the association for business or professional reasons. 
Business Member Business membership is open to businesses who wish to support the work of association in various areas of the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry. 
Sponsor/Donor Member Sponsor/Donor membership is open to anyone who actively supports the work of AHTSA in various areas of the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry. 
Student Member Student membership is available to students under the age of 30 years pursuing studies in any of the Hospitality and Tourism and related fields.